Here are 5 of the best playground climbing equipment that children find very engaging and attractive.

Trim Trails
Always a popular addition to a playground, a trim trail is a brilliant idea that brings a lot of excitement. As kids tackle obstacles, they engage in activities they can turn even the most bored kid eager. Should you be looking for an ideal equipment to inspire and teach your kids to undertake physical challenges, then trim trails are among the best ideas.

Another great thing about trim trails is that one can actually have a design of their own built. You can pick the pieces that you want to be added to the climbing equipment. This way you get to choose the right pieces that suit the needs of your pupils and at the same time consider the space and budget you have.

Trim trails come in different elements but they always make an excellent climbing equipment to add into a playground. A trim trail could have balance bars, climbing nets, log climbers, wobbly bridges, striding posts, jungle bars, chin-up and many other challenges-creating parts like clamber under and over as well as swinging logs. With this equipment, your children can take part in many physical activities, developing resilience and self-esteem for most children since they are designed to cater to kids of different ages and abilities.

Play Towers
Younger children find play towers very interesting and you could use one if you’re working with a limited space, this is an ideal climbing equipment to incorporate into your play space. Similar to trim trails, these also have elements kids can enjoy playing with as they take part in physical activity. You can get a play tower with bridges, tunnels, slides, sliding poles rope nets, climbing walls, ramps and many other interesting parts. Satisfy the love of younger kids in your school of making up their own adventures with this role-play inspiring climbing equipment. Children will find the towers, turrets, flags, drawbridges and pitched roofed dens very inviting.

Freeflow Climbing System
Encourage the kids in your school to create their own challenge using the Freeflow. These come with a range of interconnecting pieces and modular post structures which can give the kids a climbing experience like never before. Just like a trim trail and play towers, the Freeflow encourages physical activity, enabling kids to build stamina, strength and coordination. To achieve most of these, you can come up with creative challenges by creating structures like crazy trails, tyre bridges, rope crossings, and traverse walls and nets. A main advantage of the Freeflow is that you can add any new element you want, making it a versatile and convenient climbing equipment.

Inspired by spiders’ webs and ships rigging, a Tangled focuses on role play but is still a great climbing equipment. Younger kids of levels between EYFS to KS2 will enjoy climbing, balancing, swinging and mastering tricky manoeuvres.

Climbing Frames
For many years, schools have utilised this great climbing equipment. There are many different types of climbing frames that kids can enjoy climbing and balancing. Most of these come with many inspiring and inviting themes that are always attractive to children.